Ultimate Guide to Luxury Vinyl Plank

Ultimate Guide to Luxury Vinyl Plank

Coordinating your flooring with the overall look of your home is key to a cohesive and attractive living space. With so many options available, it may be hard to nail down which type of flooring will work best for your home. Among the most comfortable and versatile options is luxury vinyl.

What Is Luxury Vinyl?

Vinyl plank flooring, also known as luxury vinyl tile flooring, is made of interlocking, plank or tile-shaped components. These components are plastic and mimic the look and feel of traditional hardwood floors or stone tiling. Luxury vinyl plank flooring typically contains four unique layers that work together to ensure high-quality results. The most significant layers are the top two. The top wear layer, often made with aluminum oxide, offers protection from scratches, scuffs and tears.

When to Use Luxury Vinyl

When to Use Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl can elevate the look of any living space. Traditionally, hardwood floors have been a stylish flooring staple for bedrooms. Vinyl floors provide a striking yet cost-effective alternative for homeowners that are unsure whether they want to invest in a traditional hardwood floor but still want the look of a sleek bedroom. Also, in a room where comfort is essential, the warm feeling of vinyl flooring provides a level of coziness necessary for a bedroom.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is optimal for spaces that receive a lot of traffic, such as a living room, dining room or kitchen. Due to its scratch-resistant design and low-effort care, owners can entertain without fear of potential damage from consistent and heavy use.

Compared to other flooring options like hardwood floors, luxury vinyl is excellent for damp spaces. This versatile type of flooring can withstand consistent amounts of moisture without sustaining damage. Our luxury vinyl flooring is also 100% waterproof, meaning that it will not allow any water to penetrate at all. This feature is favorable for bathroom floors, which receive frequent exposure to moisture. Without waterproof flooring, water damage to bathroom floors can become a costly headache.

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl?

Luxury vinyl plank provides homeowners with a ton of benefits, both practical and aesthetic, that ultimately make this flooring worth the investment. The various benefits of choosing luxury vinyl flooring include:

  • Luxury vinyl plank is water-proof. This practical feature can be beneficial to any space in the home, but it especially shines in bathroom and kitchen spaces where the floor is likely to have consistent contact with water or other liquids. With luxury vinyl plank, you don’t need to worry about any damage from moisture.

  • Vinyl floors are easy to maintain. Any floor being that sees frequent traffic will eventually require cleaning to preserve its attractiveness. With luxury vinyl, this cleaning process is quick and easy. To clean a luxury vinyl plank floor, you simply need to sweep and mop.

  • Luxury vinyl floors are resilient. Vinyl flooring is characterized by both its looks and its toughness. These floors can withstand heavy traffic and are especially good at resisting scratches, dents and punctures.

  • Luxury vinyl gives you the look you want. Vinyl floors are versatile, affordable and available in a plethora of different colorations and styles. No matter the style you choose, luxury vinyl flooring has the ability to look almost exactly like the material it’s replicating, whether hardwood, natural stone or porcelain/ceramic tile.

How to Choose the Right Vinyl Tiles

The type of vinyl best suited for your home depends on a variety of factors. When choosing luxury vinyl tiles for your home, some things to consider include what kind of room it will be going in and what kind of look you’re interested in.

What Type of Room Will Your Vinyl Be In?

Bathroom floors and living room floors have vastly different requirements and purposes. Consider the varying needs of the rooms you’re considering in order to determine the qualities needed for the flooring.

For bathrooms and kitchens, it is wise to choose the most water-resistant option to save yourself from constant maintenance and replacement costs. Our vinyl is 100% waterproof and can withstand accidental splashes and spills.

Vinyl flooring allows you to choose the level of wear layer thickness that is best for your floor’s intended use. For living rooms and other entertainment spaces in your home, you will need vinyl tiles with a stronger wear layer due to the heavy foot traffic. We recommend that your wear layers in these areas be relatively thick for additional resistance to scratching and denting from everyday use and social events.

What Are Your Style Preferences?

Vinyl plank flooring offers a broad range of design and style options. You can be as creative as you like with a vast array of choices. From tiles that resemble maple floors to tiles that resemble sleek, vibrant marble, your design potential is almost limitless!

How Luxury Vinyl Is Installed

Installing luxury vinyl plank flooring is a straightforward process, but you should consider hiring a vinyl flooring expert to ensure the most effective and attractive results. The steps to installing vinyl flooring are:

  1. Measure the room.

  2. Prepare the subfloor. This step is crucial and what many DIYers or amateur installers overlook. Sub-floor preparation is key to maintaining manufacturer’s warranties. The sub-floor needs to be flat within specific tolerances and solidly fastened – free of any nails or screws that could damage the vinyl flooring.

  3. Create a starting line.

  4. Start laying the tiles, starting from the middle of the starting line. Account for the manufacturer’s recommended expansion gap along the perimeter.

  5. Cut tiles to fit along walls and cabinets.

  6. Once tiles are all laid, we use transitions if needed and install trim to create the finished look.

Luxury Vinyl FAQs

To answer any remaining questions about the benefits and options of luxury vinyl plank flooring, here are a few commonly asked questions:

  1. Can I install luxury vinyl over my existing hard surface floors? Yes, you can switch up the look of your living space by applying luxury vinyl over your old hard surface floor. Make sure to contact a professional flooring installation team for quality results.
  2. Is luxury vinyl flooring a good option for pet owners? Luxury vinyl is one of the best options for homes with indoor pets due to its scratch resistance. Because it is also water-proof, pets can make messes without you having to worry about damage to your flooring.
  3. How much does it cost to install luxury vinyl? Contrary to its name, luxury vinyl can be a cost-efficient option. If you favor the look of hardwood or marble flooring but are on a budget, luxury vinyl flooring is an affordable and sophisticated alternative.
Choose Area Flooring & Tile for Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation

Choose Area Flooring & Tile for Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation

If you’re interested in installing luxury vinyl flooring or replacing your current floors with attractive and resilient luxury vinyl, don’t hesitate! At Area Flooring & Tile, we take pride in our personalized service and attention to detail. Contact us online today to get started on your luxury vinyl flooring project.

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